Marine and industrial Sulzer medium speed engines of Z40 series

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Zaklady Urzadzen Technicznych (ZUT) "Zgoda" in Swietochlowice, Poland, have obtained licence for production of various 4-stroke, medium speed engines of Z40/48, ZA40 and ZA40S series from Sulzer Brothers Ltd., later New Sulzer Diesel and then Wartsila.
Old, but constantly modernized well proven design, reliability and ease of maintenance has made them very popular in many applications.

Zgoda - Sulzer - it is worldwide recognized brand.

Most of the engines work as main propulsion on medium-size ships, some as originally designed for stationary power generation, some as reserve power source for nuclear power plants. Last time, especially in India, marine engines recovered from scrapped ships and rebuilt are used for local electric power generation.

Around 70% of Sulzer 4-stroke engines of Z40 series ever built worldwide, were built in Zgoda, Poland.

However, not everything, which is good can survive in our real corporate world...
First, shares of New Sulzer Diesel (NSD) were bought by Fincantieri in Italy, later, shares of Fincantieri were bought by Wartsila from Finland, which had developed own line of medium speed engines. New company Wartsila-NSD was formed and it has turned out, the Sulzer Z engines are in direct competition with Wartsila's Vasa. So, the new company stopped "the active marketing" of Sulzer Z engines.

Factories belonging to NSD were either closed (e.g. France), or have stopped production of Z engines. Independent licence holders, as Zgoda in Poland keep the production up at own risk, basing on existing documentation and updated licence agreements.

Smaller marine and industrial engines of A20, A25 series built according to Sulzer licence by ZPM H.Cegielski in Poland
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Jastra Co. Ltd. offers delivery of spares for Z40 series of Sulzer licenced engines built in Poland.
We do not have experience with versions licenced to another countries. We do know, there are differences in some assembled units.
We have absolutely no experience with ZH40/48 (two stroke engines, built in Finland only) and versions with 7 and 14 cylinders.

So, why to use our service?

We offer reasonable pricing for Polish versions with packing included, fast delivery and short distance to international airport and worldwide speditors.

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